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About Small Engine Parts TX

When growing up in Houston, TX, my parents would send me to my grandparents house in a small town for about a month. This small town in Texas is where I would spend hours with my grandfather. My grandfather could fix or make anything! In this small town people knew he was good at fixing things so they would often bring him items to repair. Grandpa wouldn’t charge a lot for the repairs and sometimes bartered for other things they had that he wanted. The greatest barter was for an engine from an old car that he wanted that his customer thought was useless. I was with my grandpa when he made that deal and his smile was huge! We spent that summer fixing things and me learning a great deal about engines, big and small. My grandpa was kind of like McGyver in that he could use seemingly insignificant common items to fix things. He would also take parts from engines that were beyond repair to fix others. This is the birthplace of Small Engine Parts. It’s a constant reminder of me spending time with my grandpa, seeing his eyes, his smile and remembering the countless hours spent in the garage working on engines with him.

My father and grandfather taught me valuable lessons that you can save a lot of money if you learn how to fix things yourself. Our mission is to provide you with low cost parts for repairs of small engines.

Mission: Provide low cost parts for small engines

Goals: Provide our customers with the parts they need to fix the small engines that break. We also want to provide Small Engine repair shops with economically cost parts to save their customers money.